Our philosophy

For us, quality is our defining aim and consider it to be the outmost means to keep and extend the market. With this in mind we operate our company in a way that our name means guarantee for our customers.

Our company was founded in 1968 by Horizont ÁFÉSZ which was later operated in Marcali as a factory of Palota Bőrdíszműgyár (Palace Fancy Leather Goods Factory) in Budapest.

As a result of a local initiative the company became independent in 1992. Following the privatization the majority of the proprietorship got in the hands of the workers in two years’ time with an accumulated tradition worth being mentioned. The company changed its name to Marylla Leather Goods Manufacturing & Commercial LTD. At present it employs 145 workers being one of the major light industries in the town.

The company produces seat and interior covers for vehicles and for export some traditional fancy leather goods (such as women’s bags and luggage interior parts) in a high standard quality as well.

Since 2003 we have been operating the ISO 9001:2015 quality system. We give a high priority to develop quality awareness, provide further trainings and teach and apply new technologies for our workers.

Technique // tools we use for work

The Marylla LTD. has all the tailoring-, preparatory- and sewingmachines needed for the production process of syntethic and leather goods. The company's warehouse ability can ensure that the stuffs & substances incoming by different customers or obtained, as well as the finished goods and products will be stored properly separated.

A termelés 5058 m2 saját tulajdonú telephelyen folyik, 1100 m2 korszerű üzemcsarnokban, 400 m2 raktározási területen.
előkészítés illusztráció


  • glue-brushes
  • edge-painters
  • pneumatic press machines
szabászat illusztráció


  • manual and power-driven placed tailoring
  • swinging-headed out-breakers
  • slipheaded out-breakers (up to 40 metric tons)
  • serfing machines (Fortuna, SS-20)
  • ripping machines (Fortuna)
  • branding and stripcutter machines
varrógépek illusztráció


  • Adler machines (467, 267, 269, 069, 105)
  • Brother and Yuki automatic sewing-machines
  • Omal (pillared sewing-machine)

References // with whom we work

suitcase internal separation
car upholstery
car seat cover
Former partners

Certifications // how we work

We are carryig out services, manufacturing our products with regard at the demands of customers. The leadership handles quality assurance as a determining factor in gaining customers, retaining and widening our market. That's why we are running the enterprise in order to signify warranty for customers.

The enterprise developes quality management according to international standard EN ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management is looking forward to take in consideration quality influencing factors, improving quality at any time. We are examining, controlling and assessing our quality assurance system regularly and taking the necessary measures to enhance our efficiency.

The most important task for our employees is getting acquainted with the quality assurance system in order to be able to cooperate constructively and continuously. We are considering as an important task to improve our employee's quality- consciousness with regular trainings.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Contact // and other details

8700 Marcali, Marczali Henrik u. 9.


+36 85/312-265

+36 85/311-700